Change in Sales, Service & Repair Arrangements from 31st March 2014 for Paul C Buff Studio Lighting

1st Line Digital Pty Ltd been the Authorised Partner For Paul C Buff for the past 5 years and it is with great regret that our agreement with Paul C Buff has ended. Our partner agreement will end on the 31st March 2014.


All remaining products have now been shipped to the US. For more information on purchasing please see

Rest Assured.
At 1st Line Digital Pty Ltd we value your business and realise that these new arrangements may cause you some inconvenience. Therefore, although we are no longer able to repair your equipment locally, we are still responsible for any warranty issues you may have. Please contact us on 1300 73 11 25 for Customer Support Enquiries.

So what does the future hold for us.
In early 2014 First Line Europe Ltd & 1st Line Digital Pty Ltd in Australia we will launch a new range of products and we will personally email registered customers information on the new range very soon.

Please see the Statement Provide By Paul C Buff inc, Nashville, USA. below:-
“In order to serve customers located outside of the U.S. and Canada, we pursued relationships with international companies, allowing them to serve as authorized international dealers. Unfortunately, these relationships have ended as this method of sales was not cost effective for our customers and, most importantly, kept us too detached from our customers, prohibiting us from offering the kind of customer support that we strive to provide."

In addition we have have to inform you that from the 31st March 2014 that all future repairs will be handled directly by Paul C Buff inc in the USA with the customer required to pay shipping both ways. Complete details regarding foreign customer product repairs will be posted on the Paul C Buff, Inc. USA website after Jan 1, 2014."

We would like to thank you for your continued trust and support through these changes and look forward to your future business.

For More Information or contact us for more information via or by Telephone 1300 73 11 25